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As a psychologist, I work with the basics of cognitive-behavioural therapy as it has proven to be the most effective psychological approach to deal with emotional conflicts, as well as to develop better mental and social coping.

I believe there is strength in integration and unity, that is why I also use tools and resources from systemic and humanistic therapies. Each person is unique and therefore quality therapeutic work requires individualized attention to meet the needs of each person. Working together we will search for those tools and skills that are most constructive for your development, empowerment and wellbeing, always adapting to your needs and your time.

I offer my services in english, spanish and catalan. 

If you want to know more details about the psychological approaches I use, click on the following section here.

Here's how I work


Before working with Jaume, I had already tried different therapies with other specialists, but it never lasted more than two sessions. I have been with him for almost a year now. I have learned how to identify and recognise my thoughts and emotions learning how to manage them healthily and consciously. What I like most is that not only does he provide a safe space for me to talk and express my concerns, but the sessions also have a lot of practical content. I have learned many resources that I practice and apply daily to control and manage my anxiety. He is a great specialist, very flexible and dedicated.
- Lola (Health Psychology)
Before therapy I used to compare myself a lot with my classmates, I had a lot of difficulties to concentrate and my performance in dance classes was very low. Nowadays, this no longer happens to me thanks to everything Jaume taught me.
- G. Dance student (Psychology and coaching for artists - English)
Working with Jaume has helped me a lot to understand the origin of my distress and anxiety. Thanks to the sessions I have been able to develop resources to deal better with my problems. My family relationships have also improved, as I learned how to set limits and respect myself. Thank you very much!
- Andrea (Health psychology - Spanish)
I reached out to Jaume because I was struggling with a lot of bad feelings related to my professional and personal life. He introduced me to many exercises that boosted my performance and showed me how I can deal with thoughts of not being good enough, jitters, self-doubts… Jaume created an environment where I was able to get to know myself much more, feeling very safe, comfortable without the fear of any judgement. He really cared about me getting better, was flexible and always available if I needed an advice urgently. He helped me notice that I was more than just my professional life and that my worth and capabilities were so much bigger than what I thought they were. Jaume’s work helped me realize my full potential.
- F. Professional dancer (Health psychology / Psychology and coaching for artists - English)
I had a lot of fears about the criticism and comments I could receive in my competitions. Now my self-esteem and confidence has improved thanks to the psychology sessions. I would definitely recommend it.
- Mark (Health Psychology - English)