Health Psychology

Throughout our lives, at some point or another, we all have experienced certain psychological and emotional discomfort, directly affecting our actions and relationships. It is not always easy to overcome such moments, either because we do not have valid and functioning resources to solve our problems or simply because it is difficult to understand the origin of our suffering and discomfort. Taken to the extreme, such discomfort can lead to various mental disorders that need to be addressed and treated by mental health professionals.

The main goal of health psychology is to promote people’s well-being and to develop the tools and coping skills to overcome certain situations and problems in a more constructive way. Thus, developing greater self-knowledge and personal self-care allowing us to interact with our environments in a more adaptive, productive and assertive way.

PSICOGU focuses on promoting and preventing mental health, promoting self-control and emotional balance, as well as assessing and intervening in psychological and emotional disorders. 

Couples therapy

The process of living together can be somewhat complicated, not only because of the fact of sharing many spaces with the same person but also because of all the changes, both personal and social, that appear in the life of any couple. These changes are part of the evolution of any relationshipIt is, therefore, necessary to know how to adapt to these changes in order to be able to cope with all the difficulties that arise from it.

Couples therapy has proved to be a good mechanism and way to help partners develop resources to promote a more functional and constructive environment, in which both parties can feel fulfilled, both personally and as a couple.

PSICOGU focuses on the creation of a therapeutic framework based on communication, dialogue and respect, to find a suitable space free of judgement in which to address the conflicts to be dealt with in the couple’s relationship.

PSYCHOLOGY & coaching FOR artists

Artistic success goes beyond a person’s technical skills, talent, expressiveness or commitment. Artists, regardless of their creative side, must use their mental abilities and resources to develop their full artistic potential, expression and performance on stage.

Often our fears and insecurities, as well as injuries, can make going on stage a painful and stressful experience. Other times, our problems and emotional conflicts can play a bad trick on us if we don’t know how to manage or confront them, damaging, once again, our development and staging…

PSICOGU focuses on enhancing the performance of artists by providing them with psychological strategies and skills to face their daily tasks more productively and beneficially. Thus, developing a greater mental control, emotional balance and greater enjoyment of their artistic profession.


Many athletes function and can perform at their best during their training sessions and rehearsals. However, when it comes down to it, some of them fail and make mistakes without meeting their expectations and goals by letting their nerves and emotions take over. Much of these performance deficits are due to a lack of mental toughness that needs to be addressed.

In sports, as in many performance professions, there are different factors directly influencing results (physical, technical, strategic and artistic). However, it is the mental control that is directly in charge of the necessary efforts to achieve tasks and goals and therefore allowing one to achieve peak performance.

The involvement and participation of sports psychologists have become more prevalent today than ever before, since it has been proved they can help all areas related to sports and performance by: 

  • Supporting & advising athletes, performers and agents providing them with the skills and resources to develop better coping mechanisms. Thus ensuring better daily functioning and performance

  • Approaching & treating personal and psychological conflicts in conjunction with their sports and performance expertise, thus improving their quality of life and mental well-being.