Couples Therapy

When a couple’s resources fail and are ineffective in managing and coping with day-to-day demands, problems arise which can become a source of conflict and emotional discomfort. In turn, this can lead to increased dissatisfaction within the relationship, which can shake its stability.

Often the couples themselves look for solutions, trying to resolve their conflicts on their own, giving themselves time, changing certain limits in the relationship. Sometimes this might work, however, on other occasions, these attempts are in vain and the couples need external help to guide and navigate in their relationship, finding new resources and strategies that allow them to continue moving forward together.

Some signs that may indicate a dysfunctional relationship are:

  • Constant arguments
  • Lack of interest, apathy and boredom
  • Jealousy and infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of mutual respect
  • Allowing others to participate in the couple’s decisions and dynamics
  • Dominant and absorbing attitudes
  • Emotional dependency
  • Stopping activities together
  • Emotional dependency
  • Stopping activities together

These symptoms may indicate the need to consider couples counselling.

Couples therapy focuses on fostering a space in which to share and counterbalance opinions, develop assertive social skills when communicating, learn to manage conflicts and establish limits and agreements in the relationship that benefit both partners equally.